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5 Small Dog Haircuts that Work for Any Small Dog

Small Dog Haircuts

Dogs of any breed are cute, especially if they are small. But did you know you can make them even more adorable by giving them a haircut?

If you’re a dog parent, you might know that tangled and messy fur demands much care. To deal with this issue, people give their dogs new haircuts.

But with so many options, it can get difficult to choose the best haircut for your small dog. To clear your confusion, we enlisted 5 small dog haircuts in this article.

Read until the end to find the most suitable haircut for your little buddy!

1. Puppy Cut

Names always tell the tale! The name of this haircut shows that it is mostly suitable for small dogs. This option is best for you if you want your dog to look charming and fluffy.

Another reason why it’s quite popular among small dog owners is its versatility.

If the fur of your dog is straight, you can keep it short. But if it has a wavy or curly texture, you can keep it long to preserve the beautiful texture.

When it comes to the comfort level of the dog, you again have different options to look for.

If it’s summer, keep the fur short. For people who live in cold areas, the fluffy version of the puppy cut is best.

Another plus point is that it is effortless to do, which means you can also give this haircut to your puppy.

2. Poodle Cut

When the word ‘Poodle’ comes to our attention, we immediately think of the adorable Poodles (a dog breed).

If you love Poodles and want your dog to look cute like them, you must consider this haircut, especially if your dog has long hair.

Poodle cuts keep the hair short near the body of the dog. However, the dog is left with more hair on the face and neck area.

Because of this, your pup will stay relaxed and look comfortable. Many people dislike short haircuts.

So, a Poodle haircut is great for summer if you do not want to give any shaved haircut to your small dog.

The best part about the Poodle cut is that it can be customized according to the dog’s personality.

Let’s say your dog is delicate and sophisticated, you can try the classic Poodle cut on them.

But if your furry friend is outgoing, a teddy bear Poodle cut will be a practical option!

3. Modern/Contemporary Cut

The fur is shorter along the body in this haircut, but it is kept longer on the face and legs. This contemporary haircut works great for any small dog you have.

However, it goes well with the Poodles, Shih Tzus, and Bichon Frises.

Small dogs easily get overheated in the summer if they have long hair. So, the modern cut helps to keep your dog comfortable and cool.

The modern cut is a fashionable haircut that can make your small dog stand out from the crowd.

The best aspect of this haircut is its low maintenance, which makes it ideal for people who don’t have much time.

Lastly, the Modern cut requires little maintenance because the short hair requires less brushing or detangling.

4. Teddy Bear Cut

Teddy bears are adorable, but when you give the teddy bear cut to your small dog, it will make them even cuter.

To give this haircut, you must trim the hair to a shorter length. Make sure that the hair stays uniform across the body.

Because of the even hairs, your pup gets a classic look loved and adored by many dog owners. People who dislike contemporary cuts seem to love it.

The short hair provides comfort to your dog in the heat. The cuddly and cute appearance of this cut can melt the heart of any human.

The maintenance of short and even hair is also easy. You can easily detangle or brush the hair as the surface would be even.

You can also give this haircut yourself. All you need is thinning shears for dogs or a clipper. Then you can trim the hair to your desired length.

5. Kennel Cut

Kennel cut is quite similar to the teddy bear cut as it also involves shaving the hair to a shorter length.

No doubt, dogs with big hair look adorable, but their fur can get tangled, which causes many issues. Therefore, they have to be brushed frequently.

So busy people prefer this haircut as with the kennel cut, there is no need to worry about that. Plus, your dog will be comfortable in the summertime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s get some of your questions answered!

What Small Dog Haircut Will Look Good on My Dog?

It depends on the personality and breed of your dog. Sophisticated dogs will look better with certain cuts. Similarly, the outgoing dogs will need a cut that is not too messy.

The environment also plays a big role in choosing the perfect cut.

For instance, if you live in a cold area, fur will help your dog. While in the hot areas, dog owners prefer classic and shaved looks.

Can I Cut My Dog’s Hair By Myself?

Yes, you can cut your dog’s hair, But you should do it properly and with the right tools.

Do proper research and practice before taking any step. If you can’t do this, take your dog to a professional hair stylist.

Will My Dog Feel Down After Getting a Haircut?

It depends on the dog! Some pups feel relaxed and great, but some feel uncomfortable after a haircut.


To wrap it up, it is possible to get confused as there are many choices of small dog haircuts. That is why we compiled this list to help you decide.

Although all of these haircuts are suitable for pups, it is a good idea to consider your environment.

For instance, if you live in a cold environment, you can choose Poodle, Kennel, or Puppy cut.

Ultimately, the comfort of your dog is the most important thing, so choose the haircut that will make your pup comfy and adorable!

Thank you for reading! Always stay with The pet liker!! Have a nice day!!!