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Can Cats Eat Refried Beans

Can Cats Eat Refried Beans

As a pet parent, you cannot but be very cautious about your cat’s health, right? These little curious creatures are so angelic, graceful, and beautiful without any doubt. 

And, most interestingly, when you have feline friends, they want to nibble at whatever they see you eating. So, one of the questions that often comes up from cat owners is, can cats eat refried beans? 

Well, the straight and simple answer to this question is a big NO. Typically refried beans are chock full of fat, either from lard or bacon grease.

Apart from this, they may have extra salt, garlic, onion, and spicy seasonings, which are toxic and can cause catastrophe to your feline friend’s health. So, your cat should never have refried beans.

But, wait! I have conducted extensive research on the cat’s diet and that’s why I’ve been able to provide exact answers to your questions. Please read on till the very end, as I’ve discussed refried beans and cats in more detail. 

So, let’s get started!

What Exactly Are Refried Beans?

To put it simply, refried beans are a traditional staple of Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine and they are very famous among Latin American countries.

Like most other people, I can bet you’ve also assumed that refried beans are beans that have been fried twice. And, that’s why they are called ‘refried’. Right?

But, this isn’t the actual case. In Spanish, refried beans are known as frijoles refritos, which means ‘well fried’. Remember, “well fried” is not the same as “refried”. 

Hence, refried beans aren’t something that is prepared by frying beans more than once. Though they are well fried, generally, they are only fried once. 

The basis of this dish is that the beans are simply cooked and then they’re mashed up and then fried with flavorings, and there you go. These beans have a deep, rich, and complex flavor. 

While you can make refried beans by using the most popular beans, many restaurants prefer pinto beans because they can be a bit buttery and usually have an enriched flavor.

What Exactly Are Refried Beans

What You Need to Know about a Cat’s Diet

Before diving deep into this topic, let’s get to know a bit about a cat’s diet. The most important thing you need to know about your beloved cats is that your feline friend is an obligate carnivore

That means that the cat’s digestive system has evolved to eat only meat and their bodies are not able to adequately digest or absorb the proper nutrients from plants. That’s why you should never force your little friend into vegetarianism or veganism, which may cause them to fall sick.

Can Cats Eat Refried Beans? (In-depth Explanation)

Now that we’ve come to know more about a cat’s diet, let’s get straight into our main topic of whether cats can eat refried beans or not. 

As I’ve already discussed briefly, refried beans are rich in fat as well as seasonings, typically some kind of lard. Plus, they also usually have onions and garlic, which are particularly toxic to cats. 

Remember that, while beans are loaded up with proteins, they are not the right kind of protein for cats which need animal protein to survive. Typically, organic, well-washed, cooked, and unseasoned beans are safe for cats to eat, but in very small quantities.

Actually, it’s a trickier question if a cat can eat refried beans or not. So, for your convenience, I’ve tried to make the answer to this question a lot easier for you. Just read on.

The answer is YES, cats can eat refried beans if you can make them fresh at home without any seasonings and preservatives. They can eat a small amount of refried beans intermittently.

On the other hand, the answer is NO, cats cannot eat refried beans or shouldn’t eat these if you purchase the beans from the store and if they are premade with seasonings and preservatives, and served in a can.

Just keep in mind that the beans themselves do not create any issues. Rather, the ingredients that are often used to make or preserve these beans are held responsible to wreak havoc among cats.


  • Because refried beans are so delicious, some cat owners remark that their felines really like them. Though this is not surprising, it is best to keep your little companion away from refried beans. 
  • You have got to keep in mind that meat contains the right kind of protein for cats. Therefore, although beans are full of protein, they ultimately won’t help your cat keep in good health.
  • However, if you still want to offer beans to your cat, you should do it only once a week in a moderate amount. Mind you, you should avoid refried beans altogether if your furry friend has a sensitive stomach or digestive issues. They will only make the problem worse.

Do Cats Really Like Refried Beans?

As obligate carnivores, cats usually love fish and animal protein. But, as we all know, cats are curious creatures and some of them love to try out new flavors and textures in their food.

Therefore, there is no definite answer to whether or not cats like the taste of refried beans. Every cats are different and so are their taste buds.

While some cats might enjoy the taste of refried beans from time to time as an occasional snack as long as it’s prepared correctly, others may find them unpalatable. 

It is beyond saying that cats are finicky eaters. So, the best way to determine if your pet likes the taste of refried beans or not is just to offer them a small amount and see if they eat it. If they show interest in it, you can consider increasing the amount gradually and offer this food occasionally as a treat. 

But, if they turn their nose up at refried beans, you should stick to their regular diet. After all, it’s up to each cat to decide whether they like the taste of refried beans or not.

What Should You Do If Your Cat Has Already Eaten Too Much Refried Bean?

Well, you know your pet better than anyone else. Bear in mind that consuming too much refried beans can cause some gastrointestinal distress to your cat. So, first of all, keep yourself calm. And you can rest assured that your feline will most probably be OKAY unless it has taken quite a lot of refried beans.

If you are sure that it has consumed too much refried beans or if your cat is acting strange and showing signs of discomfort, such as vomiting or diarrhea, call your vet immediately. And discuss the matter with them so that you can take the best course of action.

They might recommend you make sure there is enough water available if your pet is slightly dehydrated due to the sodium intake. They may also suggest you stay home and keep an eye on your feline to ensure that its behavior is normal. 

Health Benefits of Feeding Refried Beans to Cats

Refried beans are an excellent source of several nutrients such as protein, iron, fiber, and folate. Protein is so crucial for your cat’s healthy diet and fiber can help it with digestive issues. 

But, since the risks outweigh the health benefits and these beans can pose a great threat to your feline’s health as well, you should absolutely avoid feeding refried beans to your cats.

Health Risks of Feeding Refried Beans to Cats

Some of the health risks of feeding refried beans to your cats are as follows:

  • Since refried beans are fried in bacon fat or lard, they are definitely too rich in fat that a cat’s body can’t process.

Remember, while fried bacon or lard fat do not cause any problems for the humans who eat them, they can be poisonous to cats when consumed. Cats might have difficulty digesting the fat as well.

  • Refried beans are also high in sodium which is a huge red flag for cats. And excess sodium content can result in dehydration, diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, mood swings, and seizures in your furry friend because they require very little sodium in their diet, which they easily get from cat food. Excess salt might also cause loss of appetite in cats.

So, if your feline has just given the refried beans a lick or a bite, be sure they have plenty of fresh water available. They may also want some water to wash the flavor from their lips as the beans are spicy.

  • Refried beans from a can may contain spices like cinnamon which is a strict no-no for your cats as they can cause allergic reactions in them. So, never feed refried beans to your cats from a can.

Moreover, garlic and onion can be highly toxic for cats if ingested. They can put a severe impact on felines when taken in large quantities. Garlic can contain high amounts of sulfur, which is not good for your feline. 

Even small amounts of garlic powder might destroy a cat’s red blood cells, a fatal condition known as hemolytic anemia. On the other hand, onions contain a substance called disulfide, which is not good for your pet, too.

That’s why plain, cooked beans are the safest to share with a cat.

  • To top it all off, they also contain lots of carbohydrates which can lead your furry friend to obesity and other problems.

Up above the discussion, it can easily be said that refried beans aren’t going to be good for your kitties. In fact, they aren’t a healthy option for us either in spite of being so delicious.


  • A small amount of refried beans, like a spoon or two might not cause any problems in your cat. But, if it’s consumed any more than this, you had better pick up the phone and call a vet and see what they say.
  • Refried beans can be provided to your feline friend if you prepare it from scratch without any extra spices.
  • However, as long as your kitty doesn’t suffer from any health issues like kidney disease and obesity, your pet friend may try out refried beans at times.

Are Refried Beans Good for a Kitten or an Older Cat?

Of course not, if your cat is a kitten or a senior cat, refried beans could seriously disrupt their digestive system as discussed above in detail. 

Call a medical professional right off the bat if your feline has swallowed too much-refried beans and messed up their diet. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, right?

On top of that, it isn’t also recommended to feed kittens human foods often. Because this will build bad habits in kittens. If you often provide your kitten with human food, it will continue to expect it from you in its adult stages, too.

Final Words

Well, that’s all there’s to it, people. Now that you’ve got a clear understanding of this query, can cats eat refried beans? To wrap it all up, though some types of beans are perfectly safe and healthy food for cats, you should completely avoid feeding refried beans to your felines. 

But you don’t have to worry that much if you share a bit too much of the refried beans that your cat shouldn’t have often. If you feel it was too much —  watch out for signs of indigestion or pain, and if nothing happens, you might have found your pet’s new occasional treat. 

When you choose to try giving your pet some refried beans, make sure they are made by yourself and you know that they do not contain any poisonous ingredients such as salt or onions. Seasonings are bad for kitties and may cause stomach problems.

Finally, it should be noted here that if you have got questions or if you’re thinking of making any changes to your feline’s diet, please consider talking to your vet first.

Thank you so much and peace out!!!