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Can Dogs Eat Truffles

Can Dogs Eat Truffles

When it comes to pets, dogs are famous among people. The number of dog owners is increasing with every passing day. It is essential to take care of the health of your dog. Being a dog owner is not easy; you must decide what your dog can eat. 

There are many different types of dogs out there, and they have different eating choices. I spent my last spring holiday at my friend’s place. I was curious to know whether dogs can eat truffles or not. As he was a dog owner for over 20 years, I asked him. He told me all about it. 

In this article, we will tell you all about truffles and whether truffles are harmful to your dog or not. 


Before we get into the main topic, we must know all about truffle. Truffle is a type of mushroom that grows under the soil. It is usually found near the trees under the soil. 

Truffle is famous for its arousing smell and taste. There are two types of truffles.

White truffle.

Black truffle. 

White truffle has more fragrance as compared to black truffles. Black truffles taste good and are also called black diamonds. 


Knowing the areas or places where truffles are found excessively is essential. The main cities include France, China, New Zealand, Romania, and Italy. 

If we talk about its types, white truffles are found in Italy, whereas black truffles grow well in France. 

Earlier, pigs were used to find truffles as they were found under the soil, but they were replaced as they would eat the truffles. Now, dogs are used to finding truffles because of their ability to sniff. The dogs specialized in finding truffle includes Springer Spaniel and German Shepherd puppies. 

The main question to be discussed in this article is whether dogs can eat truffles. Don’t worry. We will not only answer the question, but we will answer the related questions too. 

Can Dogs Eat Truffles?

Yes, dogs can eat truffles. They are found under the ground near trees, but the dogs are not fond of truffles. Truffle is a specie of mushroom which is not poisonous or harmful to dogs. 

We want to mention that don’t confuse truffle with something else. Ensure that your dog does not intake toxic mushroom that looks like truffle and can be dangerous for your dog. 

Moreover, trees need truffle for their growth, and truffle grows near trees. This is a clear sign and supports the argument that truffle is not dangerous for the dog. 

White truffle oil is used when you want to make light food for your dog, whereas black truffle oil is used in making heavy food. 

Can Dogs Eat Truffles

Nutritional Value

It is evident from the discussions up till now that truffle is not harmful to dogs. Truffle possesses nutritional values. The only thing to care about is whether the truffle you have is original or poisonous. 

It includes.




Vitamin C




Any mushroom species is not harmful to dogs, so the rich value of nutrition makes the truffle safe for dogs. 

The next question that needs the attention of dog owners is what will happen or what is the extent of damage that poisonous truffles can cause. 

The look-alike mushrooms of truffle are so dangerous that they can even cause death. As soon as you know that the mushroom is wild, take your dog to the vet for necessary treatment. 

Several species of mushrooms look like truffles but are not. The look-alike issue makes truffle very sensitive specie as confusing truffle with any dangerous specie can even cause death. The poisonous species include Amanita phalloides, inocybes, etc.

Pros And Cons

Everything has some benefits and at the same time has some disadvantages. We will tell you both sides of the story as the nature of every dog differ from one another. Let us discuss them one by one. 


If you succeed in providing an adequate amount of truffle to your dog, it can prove to be beneficial for your dog. Some of the benefits are as under. 

⦁ Kill Microorganisms

Truffles have shielding property. It means that it can stop the growth of microorganisms or kill it. In short, truffles will help save your dog’s body from deadly bacteria. 

⦁ Antioxidants

This property is somehow related to the shielding property but not the same. It strengthens the immunization power of your dog, so your dog can fight diseases. 

⦁ Strengthening of Bones

The presence of calcium in the truffle makes it fruitful for your dog. It keeps the teeth and bones of your dog strong. The intake of truffles is inversely proportional to your visit to the vet. 

⦁ Better Digestion

The nutritional components in truffle also include fiber, which makes it suitable for digestion. It improves the overall health of your dog. 


As we mentioned above, there are health risks for your dog too. Let us discuss.

⦁ Digestion Problems

Truffles don’t need to suit your dog. It can also cause problems if it is given in an excessive amount. The digestion system will be affected, resulting in constipation, loss of motion, diarrhea, etc. 

⦁ Allergy Problem

If the truffles do not suit your dog’s nature, they can cause trouble in the shape of an allergy. The allergy can be of different types and intensities. It can be as simple as vomit and as dangerous as coat issues.

⦁ Kidney Issue

If your dog overeats truffles, it can affect its kidneys. Truffle has protein, and it irritates your dog’s kidney. 

Symptoms Of Truffle Allergy

Dog loves regular diet. Being a dog owner, you would know that a change in the dog’s diet can cause discomfort. Take care of all these things when adding any new eatable to the diet. 

We will help you in this regard. If you know the allergy symptoms in your dog, you will be able to diagnose the allergy and keep your dog away from the truffle. 

The eyes of your dog will get full of water and cause itchiness. 

The dog will start to sneeze. 

Your dog will start to cough. 

Running nose is another symptom of allergy. 

Vomit, diarrhea, and digestion issues are some of the other symptoms of the allergy.

We recommend you contact your vet and make an appointment as soon as possible. 

Truffle is not given to the dog as it is found. It is mixed with other ingredients like cheese and oil to control the excessive amount problem. 

The next question is whether your dog can eat cheese truffle and truffle oil? 

The answer is yes, but in a moderate amount. The nutritional value of truffle makes it a good addition to your dog’s diet. Make sure that your dog does not overeat the truffle, or it will make you bear serious consequences. 

Moreover, we would like to add here that if the cheese truffle possesses the below-mentioned varieties. 

Blue cheese.

Garlic and onion cheese. 

Blue and feta cheese. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, we are going to answer the questions that are frequently asked. 

Do the dogs like a truffle?

We have already answered the question of can dogs eat a truffle. Now, the question is, do dogs like truffles. Truffle is not dangerous for your dog if it is consumed in a moderate amount. The likeness depends on what is your dog’s nature. Some will like it, and some can’t stand truffle. 

Do dogs like the smell of truffle?

As you already know that the smell of truffles is mesmerizing. So, it is evident that dogs like the smell of truffles. Moreover, it is also the reason that dogs are used to locate the position of truffles under the ground. 

Can my dog eat the truffle if my dog is lactating?

Yes, your dog can eat a truffle. Nothing changes in this case either. You must feed the truffle in a moderate amount so that it does not cause issues for your dog. 

Can truffle be a part of my dog’s diet if he is old?

Yes, you can feed your dog truffle. The high nutritional value makes the truffle very happy, so you must feed a minimal amount of truffle to your dog. 

Wrapping Up

Your dog’s health is significant, and being a dog owner, it is your responsibility to take care of it. We have clarified that truffle is not harmful to your dog if it is in a moderate amount. 

Truffle is a specie of mushroom, and many other species look just like truffle. The specie that your dog is eating must be a truffle. Otherwise, we have told you the symptoms of allergy. Take your dog to the vet as soon as the symptoms show. 

If we have to answer the question in one line; Yes, you can give truffle to your dog in less amount. We have told you all about truffles and what they can do to your dog. Let us know about your feedback in the comments. Thank you so much for your time. 

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